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Thursday, October 31, 2013


  Conquering Cagbalete Island

As what I posted in my FB...

Cagbalete, before I went there I really didn't know much about the island other than it’s beautiful ripples when its low tide, and that's it really., and this was something I never done before. I was still a new traveler, naive and pretty stupid!

...good thing I was using 300mm lens...about 400meters away  sila from my point 
and 200 meters away from shore...this is what its like when its low if
you're walking sa water... swimming is not ideal - you have to go to other
island by renting boat

Anyway, we were pretty excited about this Cagbalete trip!

The first trip is usap 4am nasa terminal na...inagahan na namin but sadly, nkaalis na ang bus dhil maaga napuno at diretso n ng Mauban, Quezon.

Been complaining about the ordinary bus bcoz it wasn't a comfortable trip - this is the 2nd ride after we gt off from Lucena Grand Terminal...and some of the passengers are smelly...tanong nga ni Vis umutot ka? (sorry ha nagkkwento lng ako ng nangyari...hehehe)...everywhere you look - baggage...may parts ng ewan, submarine yata yun..then there's a rooster, halo-halo na make the story short..dumating kmi sakto nman 10:30 yun pla naka-alis na first trip na boat! Imgine my yamot nung oras n yun (Damnation!) wala mgawa we wait for the next trip which is 2pm balik ng boat na umalis...umabot na 3pm wala p..basta almost 6hrs kami nkaupo. Then I get really bored, I resorted to taking pictures of people walking to and fro then got really bored again. higa, lakad, pagtripan nakikitang tao, hikab, higa ulit, kain, higa ulit.....repeating those things nagawa ko na....den finali' we decided to have our lunch.. late lunch actually...then keep on asking bibili ba mineral water d ksi kmi sure s water sa we buy, just to be on the safe side...and bcoz the amihan wind so strong (so strong abt 80km/hr or more) the more it gets stronger the more I worried...because they got themselves too bloody worried too! 

When it comes to cooking, well lagi ako taya...i mean ako n nagpprisinta
magluto...this time, - its forst time ko nag prepare ng charcoal effortless
its bcoz the wind in Cagbalete is so strong... so strong that in just
3minutes I have already a descent  lava looking charcoal and ready to go!

ofcors, my ever handy portable gas stove for emergency.

....and again, where is the other piece of chops go?
pinakain sa aso!

wala nnman detergent - kaya yan ponds ang ginamit ko! hahahaha..pero
beleive me mas epektiv i2...antibacterial pa

We arrived at the island, finally! Not really knowing where to go, we just followed a bunch of people where I think same place kmi mag stay...Lots of kids approached us, some asked for money in exchange for directions and I think carry our bags. Again, we completely ignored the people and walked as fast as we could (but it was hard while carrying those damn backpacks of ours).... In just seconds, we were in a completely different world. there no more concrete road....all grass, tall Talahib grass and mud - mud everywhere, full of cows dung! Oh well cge masaya toh naala ko nung bata ako nililimas namin yung kanal at buki at higit sa lahat may mga kasabay kmi nka clogs (tama b ako? yung shoes n matatas takong) ppunta island gnun suot tapos kanya-kanyang labasan ng tablet in the middle of nowhere, anu yun may I asked Mr. Google kng saan n kami! Labasan ng iPhone taking pictures wala nman pumapansin ksi ang kilala Cherry mobile lng yata n brand...hehehehe ..medyo nkakairita ksi mga kabataan at may mga GIRLS kaming kasabay buti n lng magaganda..hehe - so what do u expect, mga bibig ng bratatatatat at lots of complains! basta we arrived sa place satisfied nman...diretso ako sa place tinuro ng caretaker papasok n sna ako pra humilata den sinabi ay doon kyo sa nipa hut...yeah sure...wala kmi budget kya dun kmi s bahay kubo....anyway, people were very nice in Cagbalete. They were simple and happy! and before I forgot Bermuda grass nga pala ang damo sa nga nila sosyal ang island...pero totoo ngulat din ako...khit s putikan Bermuda grass pa din.

see that grass? its bermuda...yes and the hole island has it.

...some photos I took around the island.


trip itinerary and expenses (2pax)
TIME  expenses  description
DAY 0          700.00 groceries, foods, other items needed for the trip
DAY 1    
5:00 AM          436.00 jac liner; 218 per pax-bound to LUCENA GRAND TERMINAL
    note that there's a 5 am scheduled trip directly to Mauban but it usually departs earlier (on our experience the bus left 4:30am) since the bus gets filled easily as the next trip is set by 12 in the afternoon whereas buses bound to LGT departs hourly from 2am to 10pm
9:00 AM             60.00 arrival at LGT; bought some cooked rice for a day meal
9:15 AM          104.00 ordinary bus from LGT to mauban; 52 per head
9:50 AM             42.00 arrival at mauban public market; bought some charcoal and bbq/hotdog sticks
              20.00 tricycle to mauban port
10:00 AM          140.00 arrival at Mauban port; 30php-Environmental fee and 40 php-Terminal fee
    unluckily,the boat (with 50-60 pax capacity including load of goods and items) left early at 9:30 (10am is the set departure time in the morning). We have no choice but to wait on the next trip by 4pm; the people at the post let us to stay at the 2nd floor of the terminal (waiting/queuing area) where there's a nipa hut on its huge balcony overlooking the whole port and sea.
12:00 PM          100.00 lunch meal and banana cue
3:30 PM          100.00 boat fare-50php per pax (departed early); the boat arrived by 2pm from cagbalete; we already get in as soon as the people and items were unloaded 
4:30 PM   arrival at sabang wharf (1hr boat travel amid big waves)
5:30 PM   arrival at villa cleofas (could be reached by boat or by trekking 30-45mins)
              50.00 10 liters of water
        1,300.00 entrance/overnight stay/accommodation-nipa hut (good for 6)
DAY 2    
              45.00 cooked rice for breakfast
11:30 AM   left villa cleofas
12:00 PM   arrival at sabang port
12:30 PM          100.00 departed from sabang; heading to mauban port; boat fare 50 per pax
1:30 PM   arrival at mauban port
1:30 PM             40.00 tricycle to jac liner terminal
2:00 PM          500.00 departure from mauban to cubao/kamias terminal
6:30 PM   arrival at kamias terminal
TOTAL       3,737.00  
per pax       1,868.50

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