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Friday, August 09, 2013



I'll never get tired of going back to this cove...
Nagsasa always been a paradise for me...
Some says Anawangin is the best place..just wait
until you set foot on this beautiful's been the
 best beach I've been...Boracay may have the best powdery sand....
but Nagsasa for me has everything....

The crystal clear blue water of can even see
fishes swirling around.

Nagsasa has the twice the size of Anawangin.

Nagsasa lake

This particular spot is one of my favorite...the water is cold
...walk a couple of yard it turns warm and then cold again...

A backdrop like Broke back mountain eh/

...has not come to the point of being exploited.

The Lake that meets the sea...beautiful!

Setting up tents is one of the most fun part...

When I first visited Nagsasa I wanted to climb
those top...but I didn't...Then I promise I'll be back
and I will have that shot I always wanted so.... I drag this two into my plan....Gigi is camera
pose addict....before you could even say "POSE" know what I mean...and usual 
will just keep on following our tracks...
So Its works....
"Pic, balik na tayo nakakatakot...ay ano ba ito
asan ka na?...", Gigi cried.
I told her that there are tons of perfect spot
for her backdrop....

Finally, were climbing....I'm climbing... it just
took me less than 4 mins to reach the height I needed.
Since Gigi and Vis are running out of B.
and throwing me curses after curses
I decided to go alone to the top...and here the shot I got.

Some wild berries....I did taste one (I am curious kasi.)

Shot by Vis ....almost at the top

Those two! they just stop on that spot and don't
want to move anymore.

Vis...shot I took.

Gigi posing...that's me on the right!
Me again.
...and other thing I missed so much is swimming
while were counting starts...

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