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Saturday, August 22, 2009


The first thing you notice about the HTC Magic is that it's got one less input device than the G1 - there's no keyboard. Instead it's a full touchscreen phone, and so can be seen as the Android platform's closest competitor yet to the iPhone.

One advantage of this is that it's not quite so ugly as the G1. It's still got the infamous Android chin, but because there's no keyboard, this shouldn't get in the way. Instead, you get a sleek looking, thinner and lighter Android phone that should appeal to more people than perhaps the G1 does, simply because the Magic has less of a business look about it without the keyboard.

Instead of a keyboard, there's a virtual keyboard that's similar to the iPhone's. Similar in design, that is, but not in functionality. Whereas the iPhone's keyboard is reasonably usable (at least for a virtual keyboard, which I'm not a fan of), the Magic's is a bit awkward. You'd expect Apple to develop a better designed virtual keyboard than HTC, of course, but you might want to try out the Magic for yoursef first before buying it to see how you find out. You can read more about the problems of the virtual keyboard over at
Gizmodo (but note that the unit they were testing was a pre-released version) (source:Mobile Mentalism)

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