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Wednesday, August 07, 2013



"Tara sa Sagada!" friend of mine keeps telling me...
"Okay! okay! do the itenerary.", I said... poor little friend of
mine, he always prepare the travel diary for us.

I'm excited, I've been hearing Sagada since I was in college..
I know if I want to go somewhere I need someone who can
travel with me (maligaw man dalawa kmi, 'di ako nagiisa..hehehe)

Again, travel date is December.
"December? baguio nga lang khit summer malamig na, 
Sagada pa", I've told myself.

This trip is the first time nkasleep ako sa bus..I mean dead drop
talaga, nagising n lng ako nasa Benguet na kmi.
The terminal is somewhere near UST....We board the's a 
small bus compared to other provincial one..pero ok lang comfi naman
..while waiting for the daparture...I was shocked when I see
some guys walking towards our direction carrying
mono block chairs...that's it, alam ko na, may sasakay 
sa gitna, i mean may maglalagay ng chair s gitna and
in a matter of seconds were sardines...
(Whooo yessss! wheres the oil?)

As usual our Sagada trip is Wet again! it's rainin'
Ewan bkit ba lagi umuulan...wala kmi mgawa dhil
iyon lng vcant time namin... dhil sa mga trips na ito
i never, not once nkaattent ng xmas party sa work..
well, wala nman tlaga ako balak...i hate yung gnun activities
lalo na kung puro porma at yabangan lng nangyayari...
isa pa never ako nananalo sa goodbye
xmas party, hellow Sagada!

Mt. Kiltipan..where we view bed of clouds...
going here at 5am and stock in traffic...yes traffic sa bundok
we have no choice but walk....walk in a mud! Whew!
...but its rewarding....if only I have the zoom lens I
have right now surely I walk with tons of pictures.

Mt. Kiltipan

Central Sagada. This is the trek where my friend stumble, 
head first...about dozen times (hahaha)... this is the time that
 grass is the only friend you can rely on...
testing your footing, looking every where for a solid
ground, holding to a branch for a support...
truly this is a roller coaster ride!

Sumaging Cave. Another adventure..
I'm going back here and I'll make sure
isasama ko ibang friend ko...para enjoy...
tignan ko kung sino unang gugulong..hahaha

Sagada St, Mary's Church...basta church 'd ko alam name eh

Hangin Coffin. (Muntik ko ng ilagay 
Hanging Garden)

Remember this? 
I wag 5 or 7 years old when I have this
kind of toy...
I think perfect na yang 5 chicken for Pinikpikan.
(I called it Double Murder Recipe.)

Stop over...mountain top market
I saw this lily... it was 80php in Dangwa damo lang...

Two Thumbs Up for the Yogurt
(The more lasang panis the more I like it!)

Lemon Pie of Sagada...Though I enjoy much the 
Red Rice than this pie.

So far Sagada is one of our trip that is truly AMAZING!
I'll be back for more...
The Marlboro Mountain, the Bomok-od falls, basta
madami pa iba....

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