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Thursday, November 25, 2004




my frend herm is in Cebu.... busy abt her work...
and her bushy hair! .... so aside from memorizing the 50 states of U.S.
dont forget to study this...... or else ul be kick-out of Ministry of Magic..
memo will be arriving soon to ur office sign by Cornelius Fudge (Minister of Magic)...
Mr. Weasly is eager to deliver the memo personally but another out-break of
talking toilet b. was reported.. and those two Weasley twins is keep on bugging me, showing me another piece of marauders map, but i easily fended off dis crude enticement fairly easily....
and avoid som1 of lesser importance.. and Hedwig is still on mission to locate Sirius...
so i send it by Muggle mail way. i hope i didnt put to much stamp like Mrs. Weasley did... hahahah!.... ac2ali the letter is 2 weeks delayd, Ron ask me to go wid him to buy
Toffe and Chocolate Frogs...its a vanity thing!.. i cnt say no... and Draco is causing Merry Hell!
....and the game (quidditch can help watching it!) WE LOST THE GAME! im sori for the delay.. hahahaha! AND ur cat when will u take him back?! i can take him anymore! i always knew he was a bad lot.... but his cute not like u..hahahahaha! but i digress, let me continue... im posting the spells u hav to study ok... im sure u 4gt all of dem by now....

Aparecium! (Chamber of Secrets, page 233)Latin Root: appareo (to become visible, appear, manifest)"Aparecium!" is used only once by Hermione (Franz. bwahahahaha!) in an attempt to reveal the hidden contents of Tom Riddle's diary. Though the spell is unsuccessful, Hermione says that it is used to reveal invisible ink.

Avis! (Goblet of Fire, page 309)Latin Root: avis (bird)"Avis!" is used when examining a wand; it will cause small, twittering birds to fly out of the end of a wand in working condition.

Colloportus! (Order of the Phoenix, page 788)Latin Root: Unknown"Colloportus!" is used to lock doors or objects that can be locked. However, the spell is not of much use unless dealing with Muggles or a wandless wizard or witch, because the Alohomora Charm will unlock anything locked by "Colloportus!"

Deletrius! (Goblet of Fire, page 136)Latin Root: deleo (to destroy, wipe out, erase)"Deletrius!" is used only once throughout the Harry Potter series in order to vanish the "echo" of a spell conjured by Prior Incantato! The incantation comes from the Latin word deleo, which means "to destroy, wipe out, erase." This leads to the assumption that the spell would also delete objects, although this has not been proven by the books.

Densaugeo! (Goblet of Fire, page 309)Latin Roots: dens (tooth), auctus (growth, enlargement, increase)"Densaugeo!" causes a person's teeth to grow rapidly. At what point the spell stops is unknown; when Draco hit Hermione (Franz)nwith the spell in Goblet of Fire, Hermione's (Franz) teeth grew down past her collar. The spell can be undone by shrinking the affected teeth.

Diffindo! (Goblet of Fire, page 340)Latin Root: diffundo (to spread, pour forth, scatter)"Diffindo!" causes an object to split or break. Wand aim is essential to the success of this spell. It has only been used once in the Harry Potter books (see above reference).

Evanesco! (Order of the Phoenix, page 234)Latin Root: Unknown"Evanesco!" causes what it is cast upon to disappear. In Order of the Phoenix, the spell is used on scrolls and potions. Whether or not the disappearing object vanishes completely is unknown; a spell to bring the object back may exist, but is not verifiable.

Ferula! (Prisoner of Azkaban, page 376)Latin Root: Unknown"Ferula!" creates a splint of bandages, a temporary fix for an injured or broken limb.

Finite Incantatem! (Chamber of Secrets, page 192)Latin Root: finis (end, limit)"Finite Incantatem!" is used by Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Chamber of Secrets, and it stops the effects of both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's spells. The spell also works without the "Incantatem" portion of the incantation, which was proved by Remus Lupin in Order of the Phoenix.

Flagrate! (Order of the Phoenix, page 772)Latin Root: Unknown"Flagrate!" was used in Order of the Phoenix to mark doors in the Department of Mysteries with a fiery "X". This allowed Harry (brad), Hermione (Franz), Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Luna to know which doors they had already gone through.

Furnunculus! (Goblet of Fire, page 298)Latin Root: UnknownThe Furnunculus Curse (incantation: "Furnunculus!") causes ugly boils to break out all over whoever the curse is cast upon. The Furnunculus Curse should not be mixed with Jelly-Legs; tentacles will sprout all over the victim's face.

Impedimenta! (Goblet of Fire, page 626)Latin Root: impedimentum (hindrance, impediment, obstacle, difficulty)"Impedimenta!" slows down an attacker. If the spell is cast upon armor or other metal objects, it will backfire. If the spell is cast upon someone who is standing still, the person standing still will either freeze and be unable to move until they are "unfrozen" or will be knocked off of their feet.

Impervius! (Prisoner of Azkaban, page 177)Latin Root: Unknown"Impervius!" was used by Hermione (Franz) Granger on Harry (brad) Potter's glasses in the above reference, and it caused them to repel water. The spell was also used on the faces of the players on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in Order of the Phoenix, giving the players better visibility during practice.

Incarcerous! (Order of the Phoenix, page 755)Latin Root: carcer (prison, cell, jail, dungeon)"Incarcerous!" has been used only once in the Harry (brad) Potter books, by Professor Umbridge (see above reference). When Umbridge cast the spell on Magorian the centaur, "ropes flew out of midair like thick snakes, wrapping themselves tightly around the centaur's torso and trapping his arms."

Incendio! (Goblet of Fire, page 47)Latin Root: incendia (fire)"Incendio!" causes a fire to start, and it most commonly used on a fireplace. We are led to the belief that the spell may not work on human beings, due to the fact that it is not an Unforgiveable Curse.

Point Me! (Goblet of Fire, page 622)Latin Root: UnknownThe Four-Point spell (incantation: "Point Me!") is used as a directional tool. When the caster places his or her wand in their open palm and utters the incantation, their wand will point north, allowing the caster to know what direction they are going.

Portus! (Order of the Phoenix, page 472)Latin Root: porta (gate, entrance)"Portus!" is used to turn an object into a Portkey. Portkeys, first introduced in Goblet of Fire, are seemingly normal objects that transport those in direct physical contact with it to a certain place, usually at a prearranged time. Due to the dangers Portkeys present, authorization is required prior to using the spell. Some Portkeys can be made to transport those in direct physical contact to a certain place the moment they touch it rather than at a prearranged time. Presumably, any object can be turned into a Portkey.

Priori Incantatem! (Goblet of Fire, page 136)Latin Root: priori prius (former, prior)The Reverse Spell effect (incantation: "Priori Incantatem!") causes a wand to regurgitate an echo of spells it has performed in reverse. When used in Goblet of Fire on a wand that had conjured the Dark Mark (see "Morsmorde!"), a shadow of the gigantic serpent-tongued skull was emitted from the wand.

Quietus! (Goblet of Fire, page 116)Latin Root: quies quietis (quiet, rest, peace)"Quietus!" is used to counter the effect of the spell "Sonorus!", which amplifies the voice of whoever it is cast upon. "Quietus!" merely makes the voice softer; it does not completely silence it. The spell "Silencio!" completely quiets one's voice

Relashio! (Goblet of Fire, page 496)Latin Root: Unknown"Relashio!" presumably shoots sparks at someone; however, the only usage of the spell in the books was underwater. The underwater effect varies - it instead pelts a jet of boiling water at someone.

Rictusempra! (Chamber of Secrets, page 192)Latin Root: rideo risi risum (to laugh at, laugh)The Tickling Charm (incantation: "Rictusempra!") causes whoever it is cast upon to start laughing uncontrollably. The effects of the charm can be stopped by the spell "Finite Incanatem!" When the Tickling Charm is cast, a jet of silver light comes out of the caster's wand and hits the victim.

Serpensortia! (Chamber of Secrets, page 194)Latin Root: Unknown"Serpensortia!" causes a long black snake, poised to attack, shoot out of the caster's wand. It has only been used once throughout the Harry (brad)Potter series (see above reference).

Stupefy! (Goblet of Fire, page 129)Latin Root: stupefactus (stunned)The Stunning Spell (incantation: "Stupefy!") stuns whoever it is cast upon, knocking them temporarily unconscious. The victim can be brought back to consciousness by the spell "Ennervate!" A normal Stunning Spell will not cause any damage to whoever it is cast upon, but many Stunners cast at once can cause long-term damage.

Tarantallegra! (Chamber of Secrets, page 192)Latin Root: Unknown"Tarantallegra!" causes the legs of whoever it is cast upon to jerk around out of control, in a kind of quickstep. The spell has only been used once in the Harry (brad) Potter books (see above reference) and can be stopped by the spell "Finite Incantatem!"

Waddiwasi! (Prisoner of Azkaban, page 131)Latin Root: UnknownThe exact effects of the spell are unclear, but the following happened the only time it was used in the Harry Potter books (see above reference): "With the force of a bullet, the wad of chewing gum shot out of the keyhole and straight down Peeves's left nostril." Professor Lupin cast the spell on the piece of chewing gum, which had been stuck in a keyhole by Peeves.

....and good news! remember the guy we meet at the leaky whistle's stop, beside Hogs Head,the guy Snape introduced to us? well my petition to hunt that filthy girlish crap was approved by the Minister of Magic and Dumbledore... WHEW! FINALLY! OUR REVENGE! ..and........ next year on our fourth year I heard the 3rd floor of Hogwarts will be transform into a call center.. isnt it nice to know?....if my memry serves me ryt.. they will name it.. THE FLOO CENTER... its cool! isnt it? by then no more travelling by broom or Floo Powder going to work... ul stay at the school .... i wonder wat .....they use in the FLOO Center.... i heard Muggles use FELETON... is that correct? (hahahahahahaha!)... anyway.. kip studying... and CUT YOUR HAIR! u look lyk Trelawneys Daughter! and Lola Snape Agrees! hahahahaha!
Kreacher is with me, i barowd it to dumbledore to clean my tub, dobey is at St. Mungos Hospital... hes gone in Baguio and got this virus.. pls send me a potion for Dobey.. pls.. stop doing love potion and let us help dobey ok?

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