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Thursday, December 23, 2004



Its been several months since I and a good number of friends have started blogging somewhat regularly, and it seems to have stuck with an overwhelming number of people.I do have this one friend, William, who thinks its ridiculous to read a close friend's blogs. "If I want to see how he's doing, I'll call him on the phone."I have to disagree with him, for many reasons. The stuff that I get out of (most) friend's blogs are more like updates and commentary on things which my friends find important or interesting. I've got a lot of friends and I don't get to see them often enough over beers to hear what they thought about random news event X or strange online meme Y. Besides, I'm strong-willed enough that too often I'll drown out their opinions too early in a conversation. Yeah, it's gonna be one of my New Years Resolutions.
So it's nice to learn little things about your friends by subscribing to their feeds.
feed? kwen2han ko nlng kyo ng konti abr hermy and snape... hehehe
May frend ako si Hermione, hermy for short...... the original one!. shes not from U.K. ac2li shes from Pinas and shes in Cebu ryt now..I wonder what rubbish tings shes doing der... I miss toking to her but not her horrible love life! bwahahaha!We definitely keep on sharing stories.. mine is good her is.... u know....
....and there Snape also....we keep the increasing confrontations.. our habit. We continue to muddle along, and fighting like crazy one minute and fighting again. I want to shake snape, to shout, to be able to look into his face and challenge him not to fail but I can't.... it is not for me to take that responsibilities. it is snape own responsibility not to take the wrong road...but other than this situation everything is fine..
When I was young I remeber vividly thinking that all advice offered to me by someone with EXPERIENCE and OVER 30 was crap, what did someone old know about my problems? How did they know I felt? they where after all old, they had no idea!...... Oh, the naivete and arrogance of youth.
Snape may well view me with such skepticism, disregard my thoughts as rambling of an old hmmmm... shld i say EXPERT? yun twag nia sa kin e...(pinagpipilitan nia) .. and that is my fear. Wathching S struggling with choices on offer is hard, it's frustrating, the wise option is obvious to an old expert (daw) such as me, one route is wrong and one right, life is very rarely black and white but in this instance it is! There is only choice. It is hard choice but it is an important and life changing one.
I am not often moved to try and influence another's life, this OLD EXPERT is looking you hard in the eye and challenging you to make the right decision. You know in your hearth which route to take. good luck my frend.

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