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Sunday, January 16, 2005



Im telling every1, " a frend of mine used to say wen she had a particularly juicy piece of gossip to share. But remember, u didn't hir it from me."....... Most of us dnt wnt to miss out hearing the latest. But we also don't like to think of ourslves s gossips. Well, here some scuttlebut to put our minds at the rest..

"Gossip is a way to keep track of social status and to manage alliances." it helps us to know hu we r and how we fit in. That sense of belonging is key to sound emtional health. Of cors, not all story we share are benign. distinguish betwin rumors (often unfounded and malicious) and gossip (mostly factual news). But while gossip maybe true, it isn't alwys nice. When the subject is some1 higher than us on the social ladder, wer're most interested in the mean stories. The reason: negative information cud be useful in helping us move up a rung or two. When gossip concerns som1 we percieve as lower in staus, good news makes us listenup; thats bcoz fortune cud raise our rival above us in social rank.
Exchanging tales over the backyard fence also helps a community of people stablish moral boundaries. We gossip when pipol go astray as a way of delineating wats right and wrong.....and it may have an even higher purpose. "A sainty virtue." philosopher Ronald de Sousa once dubbed it. Gossips allowed us to exchange truths that might oderwise remain hidden, painting a truer picture of what it is to be human.

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