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Monday, September 22, 2008





You may have found ur dream gym but it takes you more than 15 to 20 mins to get there, the only place you probably going to be working out in is your dream. Another is parking. What good is a first-class gym if looking for a parking slot is like looking for the proverbial needle on the haystack? Yung iba naman kasi magdadala pa ng car para lng pumorma, sagabal pa sa parking slot. sarap butasan ng gulong. tapos daily pa sa gym pero tignan mo ang katawan di proportion at ang braso malaki ba handle ng walis namin sa bahay. hahahaha! la magagalit sinasabi ko lng 220.


If paying your monthly dues causes a severe strain on your budget, you need to look for another gym or a non-gym alternative. Otherwise, why scrimp and suffer when you could be enjoying a quality workout at a first-class gym? On the other hand price isn't everything.


Gym are like people. They have their own personality. Some gyms are loud and brash; others are sedate and low-key. Some have younger crowd;others have mature clientele. Some gyms are friendly, other are a little aloof. and other are pugad ng mga kagimikan lalo na yung mga .......basta iyon! hehehe! o wag na magagalit...sinasabi ko lng totoo.Choose your gym like you choose your friend-make sure your personality match.


If you are fitness neophyte, you need caring ,knowledgable instructors who will guide you every step of the way. Sori ka na lang kung lagi ka late dumating kasi yung iba tinatake home ang mga instructor.. hahahahahaha!


If those machines are computerized and turn you on and motivate you to keep on working out, look for a gym with a high quality exercise machines. otherwise non computerized machines will suit you just fine.


CLick ba ang gym? well it wud look like a tiaggehan... meaning PATOK ang gym!Ifyou can't work out outside the peak hours or if you are claustrophobic, you are better off looking for a less-popular gym... but keep in mind that if a gym doesn't have crowd at peak time, it may not be open for business for long, xempre best alternative, would be to work out when you have gym to yourself.


Locker rooms can range from small to large to extravagant. If you need to shower fast to get to somwhere or to work on time, a gym with many shower should be first on your list. But if your gym is near home, a small bathroom's won't really make a difference. At tandaan mag.ingat sa mga tambay sa locker rooms.. mga umaaligid sangdamukal na bading na hindi naman nag.ggym, may mga mang.nenenok pa nga gamit, at yung iba pumoporma lang dahil to display malaki nilang chest pag tiningnan mo naman ang binti chicken legs naman...sila pa ang mapoporma..


No matter what kind of gym you choose, cleanliness is a MUST! Not every gym can affort expensive equipment, but they have absolutely no excuse for being dirty. Dirty Floors, Grimy walls,and mold infested tiles.

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