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Saturday, May 03, 2008



evrytime makikita ko ganitong eksena sa news.....'di ako makatiis at napapamura ako.... but then again iniisip ko ano ba punot dulo ng gulo sa i read some articles about TIBET...

Naisip ko that Tibetans will have to live wid the chinese.....forever?
I mean, This is the fact that culturally, at geographically at pareho sila religion.... and even the Dalai ay nirerecognised that many Tsinoy shared religion. Dalai said..." "Tibetan culture and Buddhism are part of Chinese culture. Many young Chinese like Tibetan culture as a tradition of China."

There is this article na nabasa ko.. here it is..
There was also also an agreement between this Dalai and the Beijing government about Tibet. The only argument raised later by the Dalai about the agreement was that the Chinese implemented land reform ahead of time. Zhou Enlai met 3 times with him in India in 1956 and promised to postpone the land reform indefinitely.

the Dalai Lama’s envoy, Kelsang Gyaltsen, stated: What is presently most disturbing and of great concern to us is that there have been no positive changes inside Tibet since the opening of direct contact with the Chinese leadership. On the contrary, repression inside Tibet has increased recently. Nor has Beijing reciprocated the confidence building measures undertaken by the Tibetan leadership in exile after our first visit. We must face the fact that so far there has been no indication of any change in China’s harsh policies in Tibet nor have there been any clear signs that the Chinese leadership is genuinely interested in beginning an honest dialogue.

sana lang 'wag ganon kabrutal ang mga Chinese sa mga Tibetans...
This is my personal view only, subject to criticism of course.

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