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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


  Should I do a Master's or a PhD ?? (Or Should I do a PhD?)

The same question always asked by my students...and others... what is this actually?

MS = Start making money fast but have to work harder to rise in a technical organisation. A Phd atleast starts off with being trusted to have the right technical experience/expertise whereas a Masters has to prove him/herself. However, in our industry (and science in general), trust and respect has to be earned. So, both have to keep earning that respect. There are no research academic positions open to a masters and no/few research positions in industry.

PhD = Start making a lot of money but after 5 years. No limits, can go to academics or industry. Can pretty much get any job one wants. However, this is not to say that a masters who works very hard cannot do the same (except research jobs). However, doing a PhD is a personal decision, based more on your philosophy of life. If you just want money, do a Masters -- better still, do a MBA ! :) For those who want a bit more and are inclined to think about the later half of their career, a PhD may prove to be useful.

The thing is... I know lots of people with MS and Phd...but they perform poorer than those people who serve them...worst is...sometimes they have no idea to their job description...papel na lng talaga ang labanan ngayon...masakit pakinggan pero minsan sila pa ang bobo considering nkatapos sila ng MS at Phd. ....and mahihilig sila magpower play...e wala nga sila alam....nkakapikon!

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