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Thursday, March 17, 2005



One did not have to know Sir Louie personally to realized how much
He will be missed for which he did so much.

He was a good friend, confidant, ka toma, a second father, and
counselor all in one, and I think I never have known a kinder more
considerate person.

He will be long remember by many. He has a rare warmth
of personality and beauty of character that left a lasting impression
upon all who met him

IMAGINE… everytym naririnig ko mga ito si sir naaalala ko.....

southern bulls – punchline – klownz – joker – pilo – yam cha –
manila peninsula – amoeba – ipanema – bennigans – tia maria – 8th day –
komiks – cibo – café bola – bon apetit – arcadia – culture club – big mike –
boracay – sun valley – portico – mossimo – pearl of the orient – tequila joe’s –
nigi nigi nun u noos and nu noos – cirque du soleil – martin n concert –
kuh l. concert – lani m. concert – Fridays – bert's place – gov. ayong maliksi –
marks and spencer – bing bpngs – 7-11 – manila galleria suites – josh groban –
chowking – country waffles – whistle stop – shang ri la -……at madami pang iba....
y copi cake? kasi iyon ang favorite ni sir....

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