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Tuesday, January 03, 2006




The pyrotechnics division of La Mancha Group of Companies is composed of the same team that brought the first ever aerial pyro-musical display to the Philippines.

I the 1998 Philippine Centennial Celebration was the first time the country had witnesed an aerial fireworks display of such magnitude thus leaving the crowd of 8 million in awe of the beauty and splendor of fireworks.

The competing countries are: Australia, China, Germany Korea, Russia South Africa, UAE, UK, and United States of America....

10 country in 5 days....

special viewing area is available throughout the whole esplanage... restaurants from the metropolis also cater to sit-dowm families and barkadas...casual grilleries and cafes, and hip bars also provide varied choices..aside from the concessionaires in the special viewing areas, there was also food kiosks spread in the different areas of the esplanage, selling food like popcorn, dimsum and the like.

there was also ground events to keep spectators entertained throughout the afternoon and between pyro display...a stage was set up for musical and dance performances,
ranging from pop to rock to the oldies by Hairy Dawgz, Wunjo, Kjwan, Makatha, Orange and Lemons, Image, Radio Active Sago Project, Reggae Mistress, Brownbeat All Star, Symposium, Up Dharma Down, Menaya, Tropical Depression, Itchyworms, and Kapatid.

there was also face painting, caricatures, henna painting, stilt walkers, fire-breathers
acrobats and unicyclist...

By the way Australia won the my opinion, if philippines was included in the said competition... philippine won... the philippine team is more spectacular in terms of
fireworks color, effects ,and creativity...people around us were joking about what will the host country will provide.. a watusi, a kwitis, or a whitsle bomb... but no..
philippines stands out from the rest... far more unique, huge, big!

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