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Friday, April 21, 2006




2 years ago im asking what follows DLP Projector? (DLP is a Data Projector also, but smaller in size & light in weight. well, more advance than LCD projector. LCD uses LCD panel while DLP uses DMD chip... a digital micro-mirror device..compose of million of micro-mirror.. DLP is trademark and developed by Texas Instrument.)...and now here it is!

A South Korean Company has developed a coin size laser video projector module that can fit into mobile phones and digital cameras.

The said phone has a single LCD projector panels. this enables projectors (data projector, multimedia projector, lcd projector) or projection TV's to produce images, it is a core component in such appliances, which are becoming popular not only in the office but also in home theatres.

The modeules uses three LCD panels.. each for the red, green, and blue.... or the RGB... the primary color.. which combine produce 16 million colors or natural color.. or simply as produce natural image... this said mobile-projector, projects a standard 10" image on screen or in any wall... cool!.. you can connect your LCD projector to DVD, VCD, sVCD, VHS, Game Console, Digital Camera, Video Camera, Document Camera etc... instead of using traditional Data Projector.... you use your mobile phone.. IMAGINE THAT!.. but.. hmmm.. i wonder the battery life would be what, 10 minutes? about the price of the biulb? ...traditional LCD projector bulb cost about Php20,000.. depending on life hours... how about its input and output terminals? well, i will propbobly have one...

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