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Sunday, April 09, 2006



TOKYO GODFATHERS' homeless trio - the drunken gambler Gin,
the runaway teen Moyuki and the fallen drag queen Hana
finds and abandoned infant in a pile of trash and embarks
on a long, strange trip of detective work to uncover who
ditched it. Along the way, the three begin to redeem their
respective past and realize themselves as an ersant

SHERLOCK HOUND is a calculating canine with a snout for sniffing out clues,
with a faithful confidante Dr. Watson, He is solving cases that are
baffling to others. This is an animated dog tale that that is sure to delight
pint-size mystery fans. It is an anime that can be suited for all ages.
Miyazaki has done a wonderful job with this one.

HARU is a young girl having a hard time of it: she's perpetually late for
school, always in trouble, and unlucky in both love and many other things.
The only decent thing that's happened to her lately is when
she manage to use her friend's lacrosse stick to save a cat from
being run over by a truck- only to mistakenly smash the stick against
a phone pole. Then tha cat she just saved stands on its hind legs.
Thanks her graciously, and walks off. Naturally, no one
beleives her,- the cat returns.

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