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Thursday, June 15, 2006


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one the most exciting book i ever read...
nakareleased na din ang The Seventh Dwarf book 0 ng
artemis fowl series..pabalik ang story ng seventh dwarf
In "The Seventh Dwarf" special edition World Book Day publication and
The Artemis Fowl Files, he assists Artemis to steal the Fei Fei tiara from a gang of
six dwarves called "The Significants". He narrowly escapes being caught by Holly Short.


In the series chronology, The Seventh Dwarf takes place between Artemis Fowl and Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Artemis sets Mulch Diggums to steal the Fei Fei tiara. Holly Short catches Artemis with the tiara but he manages to swap the priceless blue diamond for a fake. In the end the reader dicovers Artemis stole the diamond because its colour reminded him of his father's eyes. He gives the diamond to his mother as a present, and promises her he will find his father. This is one of the few acts of kindness Artemis shows in the series.

In the first book, Artemis Fowl, he is blackmailed by the Lower Elements Police (LEP) to assist in the siege of Fowl Manor. He is able to infiltrate the manor by burrowing under the wine cellar. He finds out that Artemis's secret weapon is a copy of the Book of the People. He fakes his death in a cave in in a bid for freedom, and steals bars of gold from the LEP Holly Short ransom fund before tunneling away.

In "Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident", he has used the gold he stole in the first book to buy himself a fancy apartment in Los Angeles. He quickly returns to his old ways, and becomes a thief known as "The Grouch", famous for stealing one of every Academy Award trophy. After being found by Artemis and Holly Short, he helps them break into Opal Koboi's laboratories, in exchange for a two-day head start, which he takes as soon as the mission is over.

In Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, he is initially working for the Mafia as a "monkey", but foils a plot to kidnap Artemis, and subsequently assists him in breaking into the Spiro Needle to steal back the C Cube. After this, Artemis Fowl helps him by changing the date on his original search warrant, rendering all further convictions void. Artemis gives him a gold medallion which is actually a computer disc with information to help Artemis recover his memories after the mind wipe.

In the fourth book, Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception, he delivers this disc to Butler, Artemis' bodyguard. They rescue Artemis and Holly Short from Opal Koboi, in the Eleven Wonder Exhibition in the Lower Elements. Afterwards, Mulch steals an LEP vehicle, and through stealth, plants a bomb inside Koboi's craft. He becomes Holly's partner in a private investigation agency.


Ever since he can remember, 12 year old Fletcher Moon has had to suffer the nickname Half Moon because of his short stature. However, what Fletcher lacks in height he makes up for in brains, because Fletcher Moon is the youngest qualified private detective in the world. To achieve this extraordinary feat, Fletcher changed his age on his birth certificate and signed up for an internet diploma course. He graduated top of his class and received a gold plated detective's shield for his effort. Armed with his prized shield, Fletcher takes on various petty crime cases in his school. Things are going pretty well until one day his shield is stolen and Fletcher is caught up in an investigation involving the town's biggest crime family. Grevious bodily harm, arson, dangerous undercover work ensue as Fletcher is framed for several crimes he did not commit. He is forced to go on the run from the authorities, with twelve hours to find the guilty party, or he is the guilty party.

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