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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



The irish is captured and processed by a unique algorithm designed
specifically to operate on low power computing devices such as a camera
equipped mobile phone. A standard , 256 Mb mobile phone memory card
will be able
to hold over 250,000 separate irish templates and from database
of 1,000.000 irises, it will take less than one second for it to verify
an individual irish. Japan already relesed this on market, their market only.

This 3G slider from Sonyericsson features a 1.3 megapixel cam, a 2.2 inch,
240 x 320, 262k color lcd, FM radio. Now, here's something new unlike
other Walkman phones, this new Walkman from Japan will connect to a digital
music store operated by KDDI called 'Listen Mobile Service', or Lisma, for downloading music to phones which is very similar to Apples iTunes service.
KDDI have also got a separate service called 'chaku-uta' tha's already
popular in Japan.


-> Cuz Japanese are willing to (and can afford to) pay for new phones every
2 months!

-> Market in Japan is very different. Their phones aren't built to last since
they literally throw them away after a few weeks . Not to mention,
Japanese phones are cheaper to manufacture than GSM/global phones.
by JohnLacson

-> Not fair, not fair, not fair. Why are we always a few steps behind Europe
and Asia?
by lagreewithmanfran.

-> tsk,tsk,tsk! this isu nfair, why do they always get this great looking phones,
not us?! by manfran

-> omg! - dis wud go down bril wit tha youth mrkt in tha uk! - lunch it here!!! -
try an gt apple an itunez awy frm moto! moto fonez r shit! - i no loadsa
ppl dat av jst hd slvrz dat break in hlf! by alex

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