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Friday, November 26, 2004



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HARRY POTTER-The Goblets of Fire


NAME: Pedrag Bjelic
PART: Igor Karkarov from the movie Euro Trip and The Visitor

NAME: Robert Hardy
PART: Cornelius Fudge

NAME: Roger Lloyd-Pack from the Oliver Twist and Interview w/ the Vampire
PART: Barty Crouch

NAME: Clèmence Poèsy
PART: Fleur Delacour

NAME: Jeff Rawle from the movie the Gift and Billy liar
PART: Amos Diggory

NAME: David Tennant from the movie bite and Jude
PART: Barty Crouch Jr

NAME: Frances de la Tour from the Movie Bejewelled
PART: Madam Maxime

NAME: Ralph Fiennes
PART: Lord Voldemort

NAME: Miranda Richardson from the movie the Prince and Me, The Hours, Sleepy HallowP
ART: Rita Skeeter

NAME: Brandon Gleeson of A.I. ,the Village, Troy, 28 days later
PART: Mad-Eye Moody

NAME: Stanislav Ianevski from the movie
PART: Viktor Krum

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